With use of mobile devices in the workplace ever-increasing, it is of crucial importance forbusinesses of all sizes to consider secure mobile access (SMA) solutions for the provision of role-based privileges for managed and un-managed devices. Pinpointing the right SMA solution for yourbusiness or school will enable you to both enable easy access to necessary data and resources forremote workers and simultaneously protect your network from mobile security threats.

SonicWall SMA 100 Series Models:

SMA 400

Powerful, comprehensive secure mobile access for small businesses up to 250 users

SMA 200

Designed for delivering secure mobile access for small businesses of up to 50 users

SMA 500V (Virtual)

Enables you to deploy secure remote access into a virtual environment. Suitable for up to 250 users

SMA 1000 Series

The SMA 1000 series appliances enable optimal secure mobile and remote access solutions for enterprises from 2,000 - 20,000 concurrent users

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